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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 4, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> this is what happened the has time bart closed the transbay tube and at midnight the new 3 day closure begins to workerss can put down new track. >> here's what it looks like on the bay bridge right now. bart is letting everyone know there could be major delays ahead for the next few days. good evening. >> the closure will last from midnight tonight until tuesday morning. bart will close the west oakland station and all
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service through the transbay tube suspended. janet has more on how to get around. >> 50,000 people are headed to at&t park to hear billy joel take the stage this labor day weekend. >> going to be a lot of people. >> a lot of people trying to figure out how to get to and from the city with several major construction project under way. >> especially this weekend with the concert going on and everything else and the work on the subway and train track t.whatever they are doing. >> central subway project has muni closing fourth and king, major intersection at the foot of 280. back up expected for those coming in from the south by and peninsula. it's part of 2 phase project to i object stall track and upgrade the signal light. several muni line disrupted but service will keep going. >> bart will be shutting down the transbay tube for the second time this summer. >> traffic last time came to
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halt on bay bridge. as drivers waited in the back up to make their way into the city. >> that's why i'm not driving anywhere this weekend. >> bart says the closure is critical for the aging system. crew will be laying down new track. >> tuesday morning ride should be smoother and quieter and definitely safer. >> for those who won't be able to take bart there's a 3 bus service pick up passengers at 19 street in oakland and take them to the transbay terminal in san francisco. >> we have 77 bus and they leave every minute. >> transportation officials say in addition to more buses being available there will be stack of direct concert goers to get to where they need to good. in san francisco janet o 7 news. >> and you can down load the free abc 7 news app to get the latest information on the closure of the transbay tube. just push alert for instant update the moment you reopen. 7 news app is free to did you know load for smart phone tablet and the apple watch. >> kite surfer was hospitalized
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tonight after a bizarre but very serious crash on the great highway. the kite server lost control of the if sail on the beach gearing up to get in the water and strong wind pulled him into oncoming carment car then dragged the man down the great highway a bit. emergency crew rushed the man to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> more on the wind outside and very cold weather hitting this weekend let's check in with if sandhya sand why. >> at this time has been a windy day in the bay area. show you live doppler 7hd right now. high clouds passing through but the wind has kept the atmosphere well mixed up. as you look right now winds are gust to go 23 at sfo. 28 half machine bay. so still windy and cool san carlos gusting to 20. now earlier near the great highway it was pretty windy. we are still xpd expecting it to remain breezy at 10:00 o'clock tonight. but the winds will die down. things will calm down as we head towards the early morning hours and then lighter winds even though it will be breezy tomorrow
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afternoon not as windy as toda today. as you take a look what's ahead tahoe the winds calmed down and we head towards tomorrow morning if heading up this for hiking or camping 32 degrees. 63 in the afternoon. it's going to be even colder sunday morning. 29. 73 by afternoon. and then monday labor day will be in the mid 30's to start off if you have the out door plans and heading to the high country. keep that in mind. a look at the local labor day weaned forecast coming up. >> north bay family is in shock after fire destroyed the house they built by hand. 7 news was in winds or as the flames erupted into a expected alarm -- second alarm. the fire spread to the surrounding grass land burning about 2 acres. winds or north of santa rosa on highway 101. cal fires air tanker helicopter got there quickly from the charles m shuttle sonoma county airport and firefighters were able to keep the fire from spread to go neighboring homes. homeowner
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have no idea how it started. >> i was under the carport working on a cadillac. i hadn't smelled any smoke. my wife daughter drove up and said the house is on fire. i grabbed the hose. the water was off by that time. tell and went fast. >> homeowner have owned the property for more than 50 yeevrments and built the home about 30 years ago. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> changes are coming to the santa clara county jail following the death of an inmate at the hands of 3 guard guards. santa clara sheriff smith says she's going to ask for new camera system at the jail. sfchlt we were in san jose today as protestors demaned more rights for inmate inmates. those 3 guards arrested for murder in the beating death of michael and we were the only journal i got to speak with the chef of correction in charge of the jails today. >> as the chief of department
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of corrections do you take personal responsibility for what happened. >> yes. >>reporter: john is the under sheriff of santa clara county. he's unless charge of the james. and with the arrest of 3 of his correctional deputy caused of beating and king mate michael he's a he value ateing the leadership that allow this to happen. >> were we doing enough to discourage were we holding people accountable. those are all things umar farouk abdulmutallab on self campaigning in regards to what i was doing and how i was scrutinizing my staff. >> about 100 protestors gather outside the main jail. some of them complaining about abuses where no action was taken. william mendosa son was in mate last year. >> happened cuffed him. beat him. head split open. he was taken to valley medical. >> under sheriff says reports like that will four get a new look to help build the public trust. >> we are actually going back and recampaigning some of the other cases that we had but we do have quite a few that we had been investigating for the past several most. >>reporter: however the tougher challenge will be how
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better to handle inmates with mental illness. the staff is in the trained to deal with them. jennifer is a deputy public defender. >> we shouldn't house them in the jail. that's absolutely the worst way to take care of somebody mentally ill and the correctional officer that are here are not properly trained on how to deal with the mentally ill. >>reporter: supervisor chavez says that issue is being addressed as the county tries to secure funding for new jail taylor better program with non-profit agency. this is abc 7 news. >> police and fbi arrested 2 people wanted here and over se seas for possession of child pornography. 40-year-old ellis over 600 files of children engaged in sexual acts with adults. some of the children were as young as 1 year old and some of the acts involved said 0mass kill. also arrested was 29-year-old patrick harvey of novato. harvey metallis and
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tried child pornography. >> man accused of shooting and killing kate steinly on pier 14 will stand trial for murder. jury will decide if juan francisco sanchez lopez is guilty of second degree murder involuntary manslaughter or if he's not guilty. he could face 15 years to life plus additional 25 years for the use of the stolen gun. now if convicted of involuntary manslaughter would he serve 2 to 6 years and 10 more years for using the stolen gun. >> there is outrage tonight over security guard violent treatment of customer at east bay grocery store. happened at the whole foods in oakland on bay place at harrison near lake merit. 7 news reporter laura thoyn has more on what happened and what whole foods says tonight. >> i was shocked. i was trying to figure out what could have prompted such violence. >> she said she was standing justin feet away when a conversation turned in a violent confrontation. between
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security guard and customer inside the whole foods store. >> then was second fronted by security guard then told to leave the premises then confronted thrown against the wall then go to customer service. he was being trying to escape the security guard threw him against the wall again. he ended up at the end of the altercation face down unconscious on the pavement in pool of his own blood. >> mark took these pictures immediately after the incident of the young man on the ground clearly bleeding from the head and face. she told us she and other customers called 911 while store employee appeared to do little. except to lock the front doors of the building. >> the violence used by the guard to be zo for somebody would was non-aggressive. not shouting. not angry was appalling. >>reporter: spokesperson for whole foods told us the security guard involved in the incident has been permanently rae moved. while we move swif swiftly to gets the facts we make it clear that whole foods
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market take a zero tolerance approach to violence. admiral security of concord this provide guards for the store had no comment. oakland police confirm they are have gating an assault at the whole foods. injured man is in stable condition. >> 7 news. >> all right meteorologist zapped why is up next with the labor day forecast. >> also ahead. wildfire that is now burning more than 1 month. biggest concern to people on the ground this weekend. >> warning for people and pets planning to swim in popular north bay riff. >> all out effort to rescue a blue whale off the california coast. >> 7 news a
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you. >> biggest wildfire in california creating problems labor day weekend. problem is bad air quality. the rough fire it has been called near hooum lake going since july 31. burned more than 83,000 acres. and still just 25% contained. here's reporter brian johnson. >> like the flames. the smoke from the fire moves the way it wants to. it's hazy. >> but air quality expert like u.s. forest service hall says the smoke concentrate at the canyon at tonight then lift and drain out of the canyon later in the day. >> for this incident we have seen hazardous level and
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community nearest the fire. and and also down in the canyon where the firefighters are. >> of course if the firefighters have to be in the area they are at times exposed but no choice. we try to limit it as much as possible. >> forest service in other agency have set up monitor in various area to monitor the air quality and model to forecast concentration of smoke. >> unhealthy air quality if the hooum lake area prompt them to call off the christian camp in the beginning of october and remove most of the staff from campgrounds. >> we just wanted to be pro active. and again pete out of the unhealthy air. >> while the camp has to know klup smoke damage grateful largest active wildfire in the state hasn't destroyed the buildings. small concentrated pollutant expected to be in the air for week to come. lung are most at risk the best way is to limit your exposure. >> warning for bay area drivers
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tonight as we head that labor day weekend. chp now in the maximum enforcement period and will be through monday night helping drivers in need and looking for impaired drivers. 2015 has prchb to be one of the bay area deadliest on the flowed recent years. 120 deadly collisions sthins time last year that's 20 percent increase. >> definitely increase in traffic volume. more motorist on the road. more car on the roadway. people driving impaired more people driving distracted. all up in the air and contributed to this up tick of the fatality in the bay are area. >> chp says slow down. plan ahead. wear seat belt and just be court to us other drivers. >> warning signs along the russian river in sonoma county. . people and pets need to be careful. that's because a dog died after swimming in the water north of wool lard bridge. apparently injested toxic algae. 7 news reporter
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wayne is there with the story. >> here's one of the simple pleasure in life dog and master take for granted. swimming together. it will not be happening this weekend along the russian river. it should not have been happening here this morning. >> you don't want to lose your dog. >> this toxin produced by algae jean won't let her dog near the water this weekend. investigators found small amounts of the stuff down river from healdsburg. >> luckily it was in one of the most remote stretches of river you can only get to if you rent a canoe. >> russian river keeper took sample of water today. looking for conditions that might produce the deadlyal jeechlt he sees im practice. and little threat to human right now but human not susceptible as dog. >> take a week off the river with your dog. the personally i have 2 dog. we are avoid the water this weekend. >> as well some tivrmingt it wirs you. >> slichlt the stuff i have
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read really toxic algae and something to stay away from. >> this comes during busiest time of the year. he's fully booked and told people to stay away if they bring their dog. experts tell us this is more of an exercising common sense. 80th around the algae if you find it. >> it's safe to walk through. algae at the edge of the river. you are in the going to have to worry about walking through it. just don't suck your neighbor toe after they do. from healdsburg abc 7 news. >> won't do that. >> definitely not. i. >> weather forecast for the hotel difficult weekend. >> we have what's ahead. >> just beautiful weather we warm it up for the long hotel difficult wean. let's look at what is happening here. some marine layer hard time actually forming high clouds right now because of the wind. it was a
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brisk afternoon as you know and tonight we still have some breezy weather here. beach hazard is up for south and south west facing beaches. from saturday morning until monday evening so basically from sonoma county to monterey county we look at risk of strong rip current long period south swell that is also going to bring the possibility of some large shore break so just in case did you to the beach to enjoy the warm weather just be careful out there. ocean temperature a little bit above average but fought kuwait as warm as we have seen in months past you san francisco same thing. the buoy reporting temperatures a little bit above normal. north west wind that we had today and we had last night actually helped to up well some of the colder water. sutro tower cam are showing you san francisco just sparkle tonight. 59 degrees and 62 in oakland. san jose currently 59 in half machine bay and lovely view from the emeryville camer camera. so visibility great around the renal with 67 santa
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rosa. low mid 60's for pretty much everyone her concord livermore now today high pressure in the low 60's at the coast you warm inland valley for most of us in the low 70's to 80's. santa rosa with a little bit of a north west wind did make it up to 85 degrees. exploring camera morning will start out and we look at chilly overnight for the north day f bay. warming trend tomorrow warm hot weather for labor day plans. satellite radar area of low pressure over the pacific north west deepen. brought us the wind. brought few showers to the far northern end of california. this is really the coolest day as under the influence of a trawchlt high pressure is coming in and so the summer heat will be back in the forecast for your holiday plans. tomorrow morning bundle up if you head out. dog out for a walk. mid upper 40's in the north bay 73. low mid 50's cool chilly start off your saturday. afternoon it warm-up
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quickly in the south bay. 87 gilroy. 81 san jose. cupertino 82. 85 los gatos on the peninsula low 80's for redwood city palo alto san pa te'o 7869 pacifica half machine bay 71 degrees. beautiful day san francisco. 74 degrees. 68 in daly city. north bay see the temperatures in the upper 80's around santa rose clover dale san rafael 83. vallejo 7 79. make sure you have the sun screen in the east baylow 80's oakland hayward newark fremont 82. inland spots 86 in livermore. 87 concord. 86 walnut correct. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. it is gradually going to warm but sunday monday it's hot inland 90's there mid knight 90's. mid 70's at the beaches temperatures remain in a few degrees for next week dan and amma. beautiful weather. >> thanks. >> all right. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. university of california neurosurgeon accused of smoking pot on the job every of smoking pot on the job every day
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>> san diego neurosurgery accused of using marijuana on the job. medical board of california has filed a complaint against dr. the doctor. she practices medicine while under the influence of marijuana. misuses it daily on work and on call. she reportedly told investigators she's used marijuana on occasion but does not have a marijuana card t.she graduated from uc berkeley in 2006. >> today state senator compromise on the bead from personal care product. find
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micro bead of plastic and toothpaste. face wash and many more product. they gave the ex foley 80's. plastic don't brook down and dangerous source of pollution. senate voted 2 24-14 to have them rae moved from product. by 2020. senate yesterday the bill didn't pass. this version was amended to exempt natural ex foley yacht. company should be allowed to adapt to consumer need without forced to adapt. senate bill senate still needs to approve time version of the bill. >> epa announce today it intends to add the most widely used herbicide to list of carsinogen. this is in round up and similar herbicide. the list wouldn't ban the use or sale of substance but open up a 30 day comment period. in the happy time businesses with 10 or more employee must provide a warning for the product potential danger. tell
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monsanto says study have shown that this pose no, sir unreasonable risk to human. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9 is next. coming up. mainly development in the race for the white house. hillary clinton and what she is now saying about her e-mails. plus will joe biden challenge her for the number naichlingts unprecedented human migration. happening rate now in europe. thousands fare for their lives and dreaming of a better life far from home. >> and the show down in kentucky over same sex marriage. some of the couple were denied marriage license now getting their wish. but the clerk who turned them down the clerk who turned them down is now
9:27 pm
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so you can easily master the way you bank. gummy multivitaminrst ever from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. >> hvbing and joe biden once on
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the same team may face off in the presidential race for 2016. >> tonight biden still not sure if he will run. >> first time clinton has apologized for the confusion over that private server and the e-mails. january thon has more you. >> she refused to apologizing as secretary of state in the e-mails but in an interview with nbc news she offered this. >> i am sorry that this has been confusing the people and has raised a lot of questions but there are answers to all these questions and i will continue to provide those answers. >>reporter: while clinton struggle continue, her favorability rating today hit the lowest level in 23 years. vice president biden is closer to making history decision about whether he would challenge her. during an event at synagogue in atlanta biden if talks about running. >> the factor in my decision and my family and i have
9:31 pm
emotional energy to run. >> openly anguish about whether he's ready to run so soon after the death of his son would died in may from brain cancer. >> can my family undertake what is a big commitment that is hard to take under normal circumstances but i just didn't notch he's just not ready yet to make the call. >> i can't look you straight in the eye and say now i know i can do this. >> what does hilary think about a biden run. >> everybody should give him the space and respect he deserves to make what is a very difficult choice for him an his family. >> vice president has until october threaten to make up his mind that's when the first democratic debate will take place and he will want to be on the stage if he's going to run. >> hundreds of refuse you gee arriving after sprays move to provide buses for them. both germany and austria agreed to let them cross the border that
9:32 pm
the country. many make the journey on fat. alex tweeted this picture tonight showing a crud of migrant walking on a hungarian highway. there's more from alex. >> today under the blazing sun. river of humanity. parents pushing their children in shopping carts. carrying them on their shoulder. some in wheelchair. others on crutchs. they left this morning from the main train station traned for difficult. authorities prevent the trips from leaving with refugee off the camp. they try to contain them. so these hundreds of others off on if the one 50 mile track to us a try a.most hope they pass in germany. promised to take them in. the the only fad and water that the refugee count on donation from local hungarian and the scene is emotional that they are crying. >> the man here carrying small
9:33 pm
baby girl. >> every few miles a break. hundreds sitting by the side of the row. where will you sleep. >> if in the woods. >> even as the people try to leave hung gary more flame come in. crossing the border searching for new life. >> alex reporting. the third richest man in egypt offering to buy ab island off the coast of italy or greece to house hundreds of thousands of migrant. billionaire says the island could provide jobs at least for awhile. he sent the tweet saying crazy idea may be but at least temporary until they can return to their country t.spoke to reporter after sending the twesays he bes feasible and serious about the proposition. there are dozens of deserted island in the area of the mediterranean. >> same sex couple the get marriage license in kentucky did. but the clerk in jill for revving to issue licenses is
9:34 pm
climateing invalid without her authority. alex has the story. >> moment they have been waiting for. >> like i'm a person. >> feeling echo by the 5 other same sex couple who got licenses today. from a deputy clerk. >> it's a piece of paper but this is a huge deal. >> far different scene from what happened here tuesday when county clerk davis refused to issue david moore and david a marriage license. >> under whose authority are you if not. >> couple denied three times supreme court legalize gay marriage nationwide in june. davis jailed thursday held in contempt of court for revving to comply with the law. even arguing from behind bars that today marriage license are invalid. >> not worth the paper that they are written on. dividing the small community. see god people rise up. like they
9:35 pm
never have before. >> davis with one of 17 county clerk in kentucky who sent letters to the governor in july saying issues marriage license to same sex couple goes against the deeply held religious belief. davis has no plan to rae sign. but if she chooses no the to and doesn't comply the judge could keep her in custody until she follows the laugh. >> she will be there until however long it take. >> davis attorney says she is in good spirits. not giving up. they plan to file an appeal to the judge order finding her in contempt. alex abc news kentucky. >> portlander fed up with raising home price there appear to be blame ling california an. no california sticker pop up on for sale sign. map of the state on the sign with a red slash through it. homes are going into bidding war and over asking price. agent say they are dealing with a lot of out of state buyers many whom come from california but they say the more the merrier when it comes to new residents.
9:36 pm
>> rescuers free a blue whale and tangle in hundreds of pet of line have called off the work for the night. spotted off the coast of southern l.a. county this afternoon. whale business 75 feet long but the line connected to abue wrapped around the tail. crew removed as much line as possible but it got dark. marine mammal expert hope it reduce some of the drug so whale won't get too exhausted as it struggle overnight. >> stay with us. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. >> it was really, really extraordinary. >> david muir take us behind the scenes at the pope ground the scenes at the pope ground breaking virtual
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>> more than 50 million catholic in the u.s. are eagerly awaiting pope francis arrival in the u.s. later this month. tonight if vps of the trip you cap see historic tv event here on abc 7. world news tonight anchor david muir has special 2020. david take viewers behind the scene of the virtual audience with americans this past mochbilityd he talked to kristen about his experience. >> it was really, really l extraordinary the. >>reporter: extraordinary and unprecedented. world news tonight anchor david muir has front row seat to history. moderate ago first ever virtual papal audience from the vatican. pope francis connecting with american catholic in los angeles, chicago and texas. places not on the u.s. i continue rear yet places he cares b.david says he saw firsthand the degree to which francis goes to ensure no one is neglected. >> before we even sat down in the chair to connect him with every day americans he turned
9:41 pm
to everyone in the room walked up to them shook their hand. bless them and at one moment he realize there is was another camera guy around the corner behind the camera and he walked around the camera to shake his hand as well. >> david recalls one particularly poignant moment during francis interaction with the american faithful. chicago high schooler telling the pontiff about the bullying she's endured because for skin condition. >> we were all so i hope incredibly moved that the pope not only spoke english but gave this also girl hope after all the bullying she's endured. >> david says see other breath taking moments during tonight special. >> wait until you see the message he has for single mom here in america for teenagers who thought they had no future for a nun sitting quietly in a pew in a church. she had no idea what the pope was about to do for her. >> another stunning moment another life forever changed. kristen z abc 7 news. >> you can see more of the
9:42 pm
virtual visit moderated by world news tonight in special edition of 2020 called pope francis and the people. tonight at 10 on channel 7. i travel to washington dc to cover the pope cannon sayings of father sierra on september 23rd. >> stay here. super hero invasion in the south bay. >> in matter where you walk around have a good time. >> all the sites and sound of wizard worldcom ick con. coming up. >> 7 news app. on the go. on your schedule. your schedule. >>
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8. >> traffic reporter has the labor day bart closure update. track closed for rae pair this wean. trains stop running between east bay and san francisco by the end of service
9:46 pm
tonight. bus bridge and extra ferry provided. heavy delay expected on bay area bridges. latest traffic update rate here on 7 and on 7 >> the rising represent in san francisco are pushing out a favorite place for comic book fans. cartoon art museum can no longer afford the rent at long time home near the mosconey center so it closes on saturday september 12th. week from to. museum has not found new local yet and doesn't know when or where it will reopen. the staff is staying up beat. they are planning a send off celebration for next thursday evening at the mission street gallery. >> artist sketching in the gallery. just having a good celebration. because we had a good run in the space. and now it's time for new chapter. >> director optimistic. car top art museum able to reopen next year somewhere in san francisco. >> pop culture coming to life this weekend in san jose. day
9:47 pm
one of wizard worldcom ick con connected off today at the san jose tell convention center. the chris winn was there when the doors opened for fans. >> convention floor in san jos jose. >> when somebody says to me i grew up with your work. i enjoyed it. you are part of my childhood and they still remember that now with their kids in tow, that means i did my job well. >> every artist and every attendee has their own story to tichltd more of the community. a lot of people they think like that's so nerdy in the comic book and things like. that here everybody is the say. >> arrived in silicon valley. lou is one of the head line they are weekend. >> comic-con convention pop culture where you have entertainment a lot of joy and happiness of both general rigs. comic or character this show has a little bit of something for even. do you remember superman dean cain here to sign some autographs. according to team san jose the city convention and visitor bureau 3
9:48 pm
day event expected to bring in nearly 1.4 million dollars to the downtown core. >> most of the time it's hard like everything is in san diego and an him and you have to take a plane and 3 bus. cool to be able to hop in the car and go have a day. it's great really. >> and this incredible hulk can't wait to connect with the passionate fans. >> give him back if this spill women get emotional they cry they want to hug me and take pictures. so the very personal. >> san jose one of nearly 2 dozen stop around the country. chris winn abc 7 news. >> we are going down. >> great weather for costume to head out. >> back with the forecast. >> especially since it's so wind and cooler than average. would have been a good day for costume. you look at live doppler 7hd we watch few clouds going through here. more than clouds in the pacific. thinks really it gets interesting post tropical hurricane in the
9:49 pm
pacific now left over of the hurricane. it's expected to basically work its way back northward and eventually towards alaska, doesn't happen very often. british columbia where they look at from alaska to british columbia. rain. waves. middle of next week. but because the water has been running so warm in the pacific that's why these storms get sustained all the way up. if you do some traveling. tahoe 81 in yosemite. 78 los angele angeles. 77 san francisco. hot in vegas and palm springs but not too hot. here in the bay area we keep it nasty and comfortable. a little warmer tomorrow. mid upper 80's inland along the coast line 60's to 70's you look at the forecast for the millbrae art wine festival just going to be beautiful and sunny. temperatures in the mid 60's coming up into the mid 70's if you go make sure off sun scree screen. 7 day forecast gets hotter sunday monday 2 hottest days of the weekend. mid 70's
9:50 pm
at the beaches. always a place to go in the bay area if you don't like the heat. keep it warm to hot next week. >> going to be steamy for the cook out. >> yes. thanks sand why. >> on to sports. >> that's right. larry is here and giants really need to pick it up. >> muscle up. absolutely. >> i'm sure you remember the movie airplane. >> be careful. lloyd bridges. airplane. remember peck the wrong week to quit smoking. wrong week to quit drinking. giants picked the wrong week to giants picked the wrong week to stop
9:51 pm
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is. >> coming tonight 7 news at 1 11:00. just few hours away from potential traffic mess in san francisco. 2 big closure due to construction work. washington can you expect and what are your commute alternatives. >> plus immigration and the pope ahead of this month papal visit. message the pope hope to sen as debate over immigration heats up. >> mr. coming on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
9:54 pm
>> sports to talk about. >> this is the time you should be peaking. best work in baseball. >> the that's the way you washington than the to draw it up. not happening. this is the wrong time to be plummeting on a protracted losing streak but ought finance vanished for the gin and it was more of the same tonight of all places in colorado. giants fans about let me tell but the by and the bees. carlos again sol east 2 homers last tonight wasting no time launching the 36th home run of the season solo blast off chris. very next pitch press to. no. back-to-back jack. homered in 5 straight games. always kills the giants ahead of the sixth. get rally going. the base hit to shl 0center. if hits buster on the elbow. load the bases. the
9:55 pm
big spot. swing and myself to end the inning. crawford. game ending double play. 7 loss in a row for giants. with my off hopes fading. rockies win 2-1 and dodgers beat the padres in the z.future mvp. somebody ought to deliver that to donaldson. could have used him this year. mvp for toronto. valencia. high. deep. grand slam off edgar. but it turns out grand slam would not be enough. brook unravel in the third. score. this knocked brooks out of the game. pat throwing left. load double to morrison. tie it at 5. and then brad miller will double to the opposite field here. just beyond the reach of tyler 2 more score. mariner currently leading 9-8 late in the game. nfl team must have the 53 man roster set by 1:00 o'clock tomorrow and today the
9:56 pm
49ers got head start cutting several players to one surprise to some any way. release of veteran defensive tackle docket rumors about this. but docket long time arizona cardinal cited 2 year 7 and half million dollar deal. guaranteed money so it's gone that's history, 2 million. docket coming back from torn acl. he suffered a rib injury in the pre-season. niners very deep on the defensive lean. docket departure means first round pick. more playing time. never scared going in the pre-season. i knew what i was capable of and i start to get comfortable once i gave the actually doing it. >> niners rae lease 6 players today including safety craig dahl loopy and philip wheeler. 16 players by 1:00 o'clock tomorrow to get did you know to 53. the raiders they have trieded license backer moore to indianapolis for 6 round pick.
9:57 pm
moore is a young physical line backer t.coming back from hip surgery. and there was friction with the new coaching staff. kind of limit entered camp and waiting for him to sort of take off. if healthy he could really help indianapolis colts who have the sight set on the superbowl. football season last tonight. san jose beat up on new hampshire 43-13. open tomorrow at north west and cal bear host and berkeley we know 111 inter5 and 7 last year expecting more w this year. >> put in a lot of work and we really, really tried to put it rate before this year. xait to go get a chance to play on saturday now and really show everyone across the nation what we can do. >> we have complete highlights and reaction from cal stanford season debut on all if you season on after the game tomorrow. should be award winning program. it should be. i don't guarantee the quality
9:58 pm
and follow wisconsin and alabama. sinning the title warriors all over the globe with larry. larry o'brien trophy. bayern unveiled in the practice facility today. the banner no longer lonely up there by itself. whereas larr larry? he's currently in tokyo. alongside mvp curry. doing the under arm road show off route asia and a blast in japan. >> special never been hear before so to see the fans and how they react. going to be amazing time and look forward to it. >> calendar slam winning the open in the same year dropped the first set to bethany fans but came back with a vengeance. serena this is the pattern lately. she struggle struggle and kind of nervous then the serve gets going and then she take over the match. doing the
9:59 pm
split. cross court winner look at serena. the flexibility. simply amazing. like force of nature. she won 8 straight games. just to take over the match. this is match point. overhead smash and serena moves on she was pumpinged. the serena williams she is a treat to watch. every single match. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> so competitive time. such a long period of time. >> doesn't need to do this. she wants to secure her place in history. legacy. she's just best ever. >> she has thanks very much. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight. amma. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. see you appreciate your time. see you on channel 7.
10:00 pm
morning. mm. oh. wow. okay. hey there. let's, uh... and break! can i give you some constructive criticism? as long as you start with something nice. you are a great gal, really smart and funny-- (gasps) i can swim real fast. so fast. but your hugs are too intense. now i love 'em-- not really--but with people who you aren't sleeping with, you can't give them a "stab me with your pelvic bone" hug. (chuckles) but people love them.


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